Friday, August 5, 2016

To Fantasy or Not to Fantasy...

That is the question.

Life does not let me watch on Sundays, can I even compete?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

final playoff results

fucking 2nd regular season, 4th playoffs. totally out of the big money.
won the head coach side pot for $200 so basically only up 80.

dwellis won the belly button piercing 10th place award...

Monday, July 20, 2015

back from the dead. how is it so possible??

i am back yall. this blog is garbage, but it is alive.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome to the B$ Superbowl Squares Contest

For those of you outside the States, the Soccer fans who know nothing of American Football, those of you who couldn't give a damn about the Super Bowl, this contest is for you! (NFL Fans can play along as well)

Basically the Superbowl Squares contest is a 10x10 grid, where the columns and rows are the numbers 0-9. B$ Players (that's you) can purchase these squares at random, lets start with a max of 5 squares per person and see if we sell them all.

The cost for 1 square = 1Trillion B$ Bucks

I will fill in the names to the chart below as you submit your picks and your cash for the squares.

Around 10am EST the time frame for buying squares will end, and the rows and columns that now have letters will be filled in with a random number generator.

Here's how to order!!
Submit your picks via the Forum Post about this contest. Depending on your amount of purchase (max of 5 squares for now) tell me the square you would like to buy (AF, GG, GJ, BI, etc etc) If it has already been sold for some reason, I will get you the closest square to it. I will try and update the grid as fast as possible so we have few repeats.

Submit your cash via the Social Industry, where I have created 100 bonds, each worth 1 trillion.

Here's how to win!!
100 squares = 100 Trillion dollars in the pot
There will be 4 payouts, one for each quarter of the football game.
On one side of the grid is the Pittsburgh Steelers, on the other side is the Arizona Cardinals. Whoever has the 1's digit in the corresponding Pittsburgh, Arizona scores at the end of each quarter wins!!
(example, after the 1st quarter the score is 10-3, then the 0,3 square would win)

Payouts are as follows:
1st quarter - 20% of the pot
2nd quarter - 20% of the pot
3rd quarter - 20% of the pot
4th quarter - 40% of the pot

**If for some reason we don't sell all the squares, the pot will roll over to the next quarter.